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Portable Blender, Wireless Mini Electric Blender

Portable Blender, Wireless Mini Electric Blender

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Product Description:

Multifunctional Portable Blender

Built-in safety function: The devices will not operate when the components are not properly assembled.

USB rechargeable: 1400mAh lithium-ion battery, 15 cups of juices can be squeezed on a single charge, which can be charged by power bank. car, laptop, etc.

Double blades: More powerful than an ordinary portable blender, perfect for making a green fruit smoothie, milkshake, juice, protein shake, baby food, etc.

Product Name: fresh juice blender

Product capacity: 350ml

Color: pink, white

Product weight: 490g

Item model number: 214

Product size: 82mm* 82mm' 218mm

Input: DC5V-1A

Battery voltage: 7.4V-1400mAh

Power: 50W
Product List:

1*electric mini blender


  • Simple and practical: One-touch start and you can stir the fruit! This fresh juice blender uses a slow system to extract juice without heating the juice, 100% retention of nutrition, enzymes and other nutrients in the fruit, providing a pure fruit taste.
  • Powerful motion: with a load velocity of 20,000 rpm, The fresh juice blender can quickly stir various fruits, juices, soy milk, milkshakes, and rice cereals. It can provide a great convenience for you to make food.
  • High-quality: The environmental protection cup lid, silicone lifting ring, cup body, stainless steel blade, and ABS base are all high-quality materials, which are not chemically harmful to the human body, and the entire cleaning process can be easily completed in just 2 minutes. Also, all components except the main unit are dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to carry: The silicone lifting loop design allows you to use it at any time, such as during sports, outings, outdoors, and picnics. The fresh juice blender is charged with USB magnetic suction, which can be charged anytime, anywhere, and no longer have to worry about running out of power. It can be said to be a must for travel.
  • Safe to use: Imitation of misoperation buttons - double-click to start, this fresh juice blender has a very user-friendly design because once the body is separated, it cannot be started, which greatly ensures the safety of users.
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